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CBD大型亚洲烟酒超市 井 (Groceries/Asian Grocer)

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位于Flinders Street繁忙亚洲超市,周入约5万以上,总平均毛利约25%,香烟占2.7%,酒类占15.9%,后带办公室及厨房,保安系统安全,大楼水电煤开销平均分摊,17年长租约,机会难得
City 城市: Melbourne
State 州: VIC
Postcode 邮编: 1000
Country 国家: Australia
Asking Price 叫价: 650000
Year Founded 创建年份: 2000
Status 状态: Active
Mobile 手机: 0402829618

Agent Info

Phone 电话: 215.850.0710 | Mobile 手机: 215.850.0710 | Fax 传真: 702.995.6591
Homepage 个人主页http://chineseproperties.com.au


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